Sunday, April 3, 2011

Review - Sony Cyber Shot HX-7V

Purchased at Sg Wang Plaza
Price: RM 1199
Includes: Casing and 8GB Memory Stick card
This is one awesome digital camera. The last P&S camera I bought was Ixus 750. That was nearly 5 years (?) ago. When I decided to change, I was thinking of getting a camera that have a GPS so that it would make my life easier in tagging all my travel photos. Sony Cyber Shot HX-7V fits nicely even though it has an older predecessor but when I read that its going to be launch sometime in March, I put on hold my purchase until recently I saw it has been release in Malaysia.

Its simple to use with many features which need time to explore. However, I was worried that in the first few days using it at home, I couldn't get the GPS coordinates. In fact, it cannot even "see" the GPS (no signal). I tried again recently but this time is a much more open space in front of my house, it finally managed to get the GPS signal. It seems that the 2-storey building of my house and the trees besides it are "blocking" the signal. Phew! But it can take sometime to have a strong signal.

Example of Panaromic shot from HX-7V

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  1. buat collection camera ke??? hehehe

  2. Dah lama teringin nak ganti kamera baru. Best dapat yg ada GPS, 3D dan Panoramic... ;-)


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